Adrian's Room


Name: Adrian

Age: 16

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks New Excellent C

    Head: Volks SH-06 head hand-rooted with NDR navy blue B hair

    Facial features painted with Liquitex paints




adrianblack.JPG (14934 bytes)


Comments:  Ahh....this is the first doll I've painted in a long time!  I had rooted him a few months ago but hadn't felt motivated to paint him. I think I needed to buy a new paintbrush! I had him seated faceless on my dresser,  and after he fell on me for the fifth time I decided I'd better get to work!

That new NDR navy blue hair was pretty hard to work with! Even though I was careful and only boil-set it for 8 minutes, the ends still frizzed out. It was a good thing I'd planned on cutting his hair short.  It was still traumatic to hack off so much of it; I wonder if that's why I hardly ever give my dolls short hair?

He's wearing part of Kuniyoshi's outfit for the time being. I'm running low on 1/6 scale doll clothes! I need to earn some extra money and place an Azone order!


Leene's Comments: 


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